Fitness Center


Effective November 30, 2020: 

An appointment is required for Ruthville Complex Use.  

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**The Fitness Center will be closed for the Thanksgiving Day Holiday (11/25-11/27)

Charles City Resident Fees  (Monthly)

Single Membership       $10.00

Family Membership       $20.00

Non-Resident Fees (Monthly)

                                              Single Membership                  $20.00

                                              Senior Citizens (65 & older)    $10.00

                                              Family Membership                 $30.00 

                                              Students (16-19)                      $10.00

Charles City County Free Rates

Charles City County Senior Citizens (65 & Older)  FREE

Charles City Students (16-19)  FREE

Charles City County Employees  FREE

The following fitness classes are included in the Monthly Membership:

Zumba * Therapeutic Mat Yoga* Therapeutic Chair Yoga * 

YMCA Gentle Cardio  * YMCA Muscle Conditioning

Daily Fee/Morning Class Drop-in Fee:   
Evening Class Fee (Where applicable)  $5.00

You can register and pay for the Fitness Center at the Charles City Social Center or online. If paying online, a fitness center form is needed before receipt of membership card. To pay online: (click here)

Fitness Center Hours: 

Monday - Friday:  8 am - Noon | 3 - 7 pm

Fitness Center Form (click here) | Fitness Class Schedule (click here)

Hours are subject to change for special events and inclement weather.