Information Technology

Vision Statement

Information Technology Services will be recognized as a high-performance team providing technology excellence that advances learning, teaching, research, and end-user formation in alignment with Charles City County mission and goals.

Mission Statement

Information Technology Department will contribute to the overall efficiency and productivity of the County Government by implementing cost-effective technologies that will enhance the services provided to the county end-users and to allow the end-users to deliver to the county residents, while delivering excellence in customer service.

In support of this mission, we will: 

Search surrounding areas to understand the information technology needs of end-users.

Provide leadership and planning for the effective and strategic use of emerging technologies.

Demonstrate technical and operational excellence through a commitment to professionalism and continuous improvement.

Core Values 

Our Core Values drive and guide us as we serve the County Government and end-users. As members of Information Technology, we are committed to: 

CollaborationWe are dedicated to a constructive, team-oriented environment, gathering varied perspectives, sharing knowledge, and building effective relationships with key participants.

Continuous Improvement:  We strive for operational excellence through the on-going development of the end-users and the organization.

Innovation:  We encourage creative and critical thinking in the development of technology services and solutions. 

Who We Are

Charles City County computing environment incorporates the AS / 400, client-server model as its basis for implementing software solutions. In order to facilitate that approach, a robust switched routed Ether net-based, Fiber, LAN / WAN network has been installed between county governmental agencies. Software solutions implemented in agency offices are now shared with other agency offices to increase overall operating efficiencies. The Department uses a combination of in-house custom developed software, using fourth generation programming tools, and commercial off the shelf (COTS) products to achieve departmental, agency, and / or countywide goals and objectives.

Goals & Objectives

  • Utilize teamwork to provide a consistently high level of customer service that includes timely and accurate responses to customer requests.
  • Continually explore emerging technologies and provide a framework for evaluating those technologies for possible implementation.
  • Utilize technology to provide access to data and information for county staff and county residents.
  • Maintain a computer infrastructure that is both reliable and capable of conducting county business operations now and in the future.
  • Partner with other county agencies in exploring ways to improve business functions by implementing best available, cost-effective, technology solutions.

Service Areas

The department computer operation provides customer service in the following areas:

Hardware repair and installation, Help desk, In-house developed custom written software solutions, Network administration, Procurement services for computers and computer related products, Project management, Software support, Telecommunications,
website development and Document Imaging

Outstanding customer service is always one of the department’s primary goals. As a team, the department strives to minimize the disruptions experienced by the agencies we support due to software and / or hardware issues. The department firmly believes that in order to provide effective and efficient services to county citizens, computer-related issues cannot encroach on the provision of those services.

Agencies & Offices Supported

  • Building Inspection
  • Clerk, Circuit Court
  • Commissioner of The Revenue
  • Commonwealth Attorney
  • County Administration
  • Development
  • Extension Office
  • General District Court
  • History Center
  • Management Services
  • Public Works
  • Recreation Center
  • Registrar Office
  • School Board
  • Schools ( High and Elementary ) - Telecommunications only
  • Sheriff Office
  • Social Services
  • Treasurer Office

There are many diverse and unique software applications associated with the support of the above listed agencies or offices.

The Future

The biggest challenge facing information technology providers is the accelerated pace of change in the industry and how those changes can be used to meet end-user requirements. Technological advancements can be expensive and complex, however, by enabling the workforce to provide a higher level of service, costs can be reduced. 

In order to maximize the benefits of newer technologies in a cost-effective manner, adopting those technologies into an organization’s current infrastructure must be done judiciously. Cost-effective methods, those that recognize expense, complexity, and end-user expectations, must be used to deliver information and services when and where they are needed.