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The Sheriff is a constitutionally elected official, chief law enforcement officer of the County, and executive officer of the Courts. The Department is responsible for execution of all process, writs, warrants, capiases, and other papers issued by State and County courts, and safeguarding life and property while maintaining order in a professional manner that preserves confidence in our democratic process.

Safety Exchange Zone

Safe Exchange 18

Charles City County Sheriff’s Office has established a “Safety Exchange Zone” in front of the Sheriff’s Office at 10780 Courthouse Road in Charles City, Virginia. This area can be utilized for custody transfers, exchanges from online purchases, the transfer of property where there is concerns or in similar situations. Signs has been erected marking two available parking spaces for this purpose. This area is under twenty-four-hour video surveillance. 

If an emergency occurs, please dial 9-1-1 and for non-emergency issues, please call (804) 829-9265.