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The Charles City County Business Directory (PDF) lists all of the known businesses operating in Charles City County.

To add your Charles City County business to the directory and/or if you have questions/comments regarding the Directory, please contact the Community Development Department at 804-652-4707, or via email. Thank you.


Bruce Howard Contracting

Being a longtime resident of Charles City County, and the owner of a business licensed in four states, we deal with many different levels and forms of government. Charles City County has been a shining light for business development. County officials and employees use a unique blend of service, common-sense, and technology to provide businesses with needed direction in a timely manner. This direction and dedication by the County provide businesses with the opportunity for success.

How wonderful it is to hear people in public service cheerfully say, "How can we help you today?"

Betty Howard, President, Bruce Howard Contracting, Inc.

Wink Fasteners 

Charles City has been an ideal home to Wink Fasteners, the one-stop solution for corrosion resistant fasteners, for over 9 years. Charles City’s location is literally in the middle of it all! The proximity to both the Richmond and Peninsula markets provide two pools of candidates to satisfy Wink’s professional needs. Close to major highways to ship our product internationally has been important. As an added bonus, Charles City’s setting is bucolic. Employees appreciate the greenery of nature surrounding Charles City and the stress free commute.  Wink is proud to call Charles City home today and for years to come.

Janet Winkelman, President, Wink Fasteners, Inc.

North Bend Plantation

I have loved being part of the networking business community of Charles City County for 30 years! The rich history of our county and it’s cultures has drawn so many people to our doors from all over the world. As a resident and business owner in Charles City County,Virginia, I couldn’t think of a better place to raise a family and grow a business.

Ridgely Copland, Owner and Operator, North Bend Plantation