Unacceptable Materials

Unacceptable Materials List

The following items are not accepted at the Convenience Centers:

  • Hazardous wastes which include liquid paint, pesticides, oil, filters, solvents, household cleaners, chemicals, and batteries
  • Industrial Wastes which include sludge, processing end products, and processing residues
  • Debris from Commercial Haulers
  • Whole Tires are not accepted at any location and can be taken to for a fee:
    • Virginia Recycling
    • 4301 S Mountcastle Road
    • Providence Forge, VA 23294
    • Phone: 804-966-5159
  • Dead Animals
  • Construction Debris (ex. sheet rock, lumber, shingles, siding, etc)
  • Medical Wastes
  • Hot ashes
  • Junk cars or large body parts (ex. hood, fenders, trunk lids)
  • Large loads of solid waste (ex. Dump truck or dump bed loads, loaded truck and trailer) (only pick up loads or smaller are allowed)
  • Large land clearing debris such as stumps and trees
  • Tree limbs or brush over four (4) feet long or limbs not bundled or bagged. (Large loads that are not bundled may be taken directly to the landfill during normal operation - the load must be weighed)
  • Drums (unless both ends are cut open)